Self-Aligning Prosthetic Ankle

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Our Technology

Impulse Technology has developed a 6 DOF prosthetic ankle that can be mounted on most commercially available prosthetic feet. The Goralign ankle “extends” the range of dynamic alignment performed by a prosthetist. In turn, there are significantly fewer negative effects of misalignment. Through mitigation of misalignment, our product enhances a patient’s mobility by adapting to changes in gait or terrain. The resulting effect of Goralign’s capabilities is a biomimicry of a natural ankle with sustainable comfort.

Our Product’s Features

  • Passive Functionality – Goralign consists of a parallel series of spring and stiffeners without hydraulics, sensors, actuators, or electronics
  • Three planes of motion (sagittal/coronal/transverse)
  • Reduced socket movements
  • Shock absorption during early stance
  • Enhanced performance during turning
  • Complete weatherproofing

Our Product’s Unique Value

  • Current alignment processes require repeated prosthetist intervention. Our product significantly decreases clinical time and costs.
  • Goralign’s features improve gait quality on uneven terrains, which significantly reduces the need for repeat patient visits for realignment.
  • Upwards of 50% of amputees have mis-aligned prosthetics. Our product minimizes mis-alignment effects by self-aligning to gait or terrain changes.

Misalignment stemming from other products can lead to the following issues:

  1. Associated pain
  2. Labored and abnormal walking style
  3. Decreased mobility
  4. Robotic prostheses featuring micro-processors are overly complex and expensive (some could cost more than $15,000!)

Product History

  • Feb 2017: Concept and preliminary model
  • Aug 2017: SBIR Phase I Grant/Contract for concept prototype development
  • Feb 2018: Concept prototype complete
  • Aug 2018: SBIR Phase II Grant/Contract for full prototype/product R&D
  • April 2019: First metal prototype of Goralign prosthetic ankle
  • June 2019: Clinical testing with Ability P&O begins (straight line walking and misalignment)
  • December 2019: Functional clinical testing at Ability P&O begins (stairs, hills, extended duration walking and other functional uses)
  • December 2020: Patent #US10857008B2 issued by USPTO
  • January 2021: Mil Med paper published
  • January 2021: Goralign ankle passes ISO 10328 cycle and static testing
  • September 2021: Functional clinical test results presented at AOPA 2021
  • October 2021: GoraliSA casing developed
  • April 2022: First patient adoption of Goralign PSA
  • January 2024: Launch V2 of Goralign PSA (Lighter, smaller, & maintenance free)

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Product Highlight: Safety

“I would not feel safe walking on a mulch path or a tree-root without this self-aligning Goralign PSA"