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Impulse Technology specializes in the design, modeling, and fabrication of prosthetics and other compliant mechanical systems. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of amputees and people with reduced mobility by restoring their mobility for sustainable comfort. Our vision is to utilize our core expertise to develop and commercialize innovative mechanical systems, with near term focus on Prosthetic and Orthotic systems and business acceleration through partnerships with manufacturers, clinics, and marketing and sales experts.

We are supported by Ben Franklin Technology Partners and Invent Penn State.

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"Goralign" Self-Aligning Prosthetic Ankle

Impulse Technology's Passive, Self-adaptive Prosthetic Ankle Component

Product Feature

Roughly 185,000 amputation-related discharges occur from hospitals in the United States each year. Among them, fifty one percent of below-knee amputees suffer from pain from misalignment. Our technology’s ability to self -align contributes to increased comfort, reduced pain, reduced prosthetist time, and lower costs of treatment.

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