Welcome to Impulse Technology

Impulse Technology specializes in the design, modeling, and fabrication of mechanical systems. We conduct research and development of innovative products in high impact mechanical and energy applications. Our mission is to restore amputee mobility and improve the quality of their life. Impulse is developing a below-knee prosthetic leg component to mimic natural leg function.

Our team includes Researchers experienced in mechanical, chemical, materials, and industrial engineering, Advisors with experience in business development and management, and Prosthetists with clinical and research experience. Impulse is a member of the incubator program of Invent Penn State and is a portfolio company of Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Our partners include the Pennsylvania State University and Ability P&O, a prosthetic company headquartered in Exton, PA. Our sponsors include the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Defense.

Learn more about some of our ongoing Products / Projects

Self-aligning Adapter/Components for Prosthetic Legs
To develop a prosthesis adapter that, using compliant mechanisms,
Human/Exoskeleton generated energy
Harvesting Human Generated Energy to Power Medical Sensors and Wireless

Impulse Technology's Passive, Self-adaptive Ankle Prosthetic Component

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